CyberCapeTown Joomla! Component

These set of extensions designed for the opensource Joomla Content Management ( allow you to embedd preformatted CyberCapeTown pages within your site within a matter of minutes.
Download CyberCapeTown Joomla Component 2.08

Change Log:
Version 2.08  (19th September 2007)
    * Fixed link issue for SEO compatibility
	* Joomla 1.5 compatible
    * Multi-language Content Pages
	* Fixed link bug in automated Menu Creation scripts

Version 2.07  (2nd July 2007)
    * Fixed installation script errors
    * Fixed various script warnings
    * Fixed header spacing issue with some templates
    * Added Content Pages META headers set indicator
    * Fixed bug in search when resource type filter is applied
    * Added functionality to retrieve affiliate_key automatically
    * Added stars and buttons for dark background templates
    * Support for embedded flash photographic content
    * Various optimisations and minor bug fixes

Version 2.06  (9th February 2007)
    * Added 'Similar Hotels in the Area' to bottom of content pages
    * Improved joomla sites content caching
    * Added multi-currency support
    * Fixed mambot that caused joomla searches to hang on some sites
    * Added META description and keyword availability in Area List
    * Improved potential security vulnerabilites
    * Other small bug fixes

STEP 1: Login to Administration

Login to your Joomla Administrator system. (your-joomla-site/administrator)

STEP 2: Install CyberCapeTown Component

Click on the "Installers" menu at the top of the page, and select "Components".

Click on the "Browse" button to the right of the "Package File:" field.

Browse to the .zip file starting with "com_cybercapetown" located in the same directory as this readme.txt file.

Click on "Upload File & Install".

STEP 3: Synchronise CyberCapeTown Component

You will need to synchronise with CyberCapeTown in order to retrieve Areas, Page Indexes and Menu Profiles.

Click on the "synchronise with" link displayed after installation, or go to the "Components" menu at the top of the page, and select "CyberCapeTown Content" then "Synchronise".

STEP 4: Define your Settings

In order to earn your sale commission, CyberCapeTown needs to know who referred the customer.

Click on the "Components" menu at the top of the page, and select "CyberCapeTown Content" then "Settings".

Enter your Skin Number, as provided to you in your signup email or on the CyberCapeTown Affiliates Website (

If you wish to see your sales performance using the "CyberCapeTown Content", "Performance" menu item, you will need to login to the SecureBooking Affiliate website. In the Affliate website, click on "Joomla Authentication Key" in the "Quick Links" on the bottom left. Then highlight your authentication key and press CTRL+C to copy. Now return to your Joomla site and paste the key into the "Affiliate Key" field.

Select your preference of Star Rating and Reservation button colours.

Optionally enter META header details to display for Search Pages.

Click on "Save" near the top right of the page.

STEP 5: Menu Support

In order to attach CyberCapeTown content pages to Menu Items in your Joomla site, you will need to extract the "" file into the Joomla application path.

Methods of doing this vary between systems. Please consult your Website Administrator should you not know how to upload the files yourself.

Once installed, you can customise your menus by selecting the "Menu" menu item from the top of the page, then select the menu you wish to edit from the list. Click on "New" and select "Link - Cybercapetown Item" under the "Components" section. Give your menu a name and select the "Content Item" from the list of CyberCapeTown Pages you have added.


i. You can format the search result page and embedded content by modifying the /components/com_cybercapetown/embedded.css Style Sheet file.

ii. The actual booking form resides on for security and certificate purposes. You can define a stylesheet, header and footer HTML for this page from your Skin Setup page in your Affiliate profile on the Securebooking Affiliate System at